A Short Excerpt: The Life of a Playwriting Student

Written by Alex Colle

I was a pretty streaky writer for a long time. My problem was not writer’s block. My problem was having an inspiration to write.

Stageplay dialogue for 20% of my mark? That’s an inspiration.

I have a really good idea in my head? That’s not an inspiration.

Friend asks for a favour? Inspiration.

I’m bored and have nothing else to do? Nope.

This blog post? Yes.

The point is, although I love to write creatively, I was never confident enough to pick up a pencil – or open a laptop – and create an interesting piece of literature. I was under the impression that what I would write would be mediocre, and that there was no point in making something that was not going to find any success.

Boy, was I ever wrong. Playwriting at York taught me that. Read More