Artist Spotlight: Parviz Tanavoli

Written By: Nima A.K.

Tanavoli, Parviz. Poet and Nightingale. Design for Rug, 1974.

Parviz Tanavoli was born in 1937 in Tehran, Iran, and currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. He studied sculpture in Milan at the end of 1950s and continued his studies in Minneapolis in the early 1960s. He soon became an important figure in contemporary sculpture; however, his work also includes painting, drawing, weaving, and prints. His art revisits Persian traditions and combines them with modern art. Tanavoli’s main motive is Heecha word meaning “nothing”.

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Streaming in Dance – Choosing the Right One for You

Written by Jessica Ortaleza

It’s that time of the year where first-year students start thinking about the next steps of their Dance degrees, as streaming applications draw near. Though how do you know which stream is the right one for you and your dreams? After a first year experience of dabbling into the specialized streams, it’s time to settle into one that fuels your passion and creativity. May this guide help you decide which stream suits your interests and desires, and lessen any overwhelming feelings you may have going into the streaming process!

The Dance BFA Honours Degree offers two streams of study: Choreography/Performance and Dance Education. Read More

Playground 2016: Coming!

Written by Megan Apa

The playGround Festival is a collection of short plays created, developed, designed, directed, and featuring student artists. Everyone from the artistic directors to the production team backstage are students here at York University. The playGround Festival is a place for students to have the opportunity to mount their own work. It is a place for young creators to push beyond personal boundaries and develop their own authentic voices. For many, playGround is just the first step towards the professional theatre world beyond school. The ideas and relationships that are fostered here on this stage have often continued beyond York onto professional stages.

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One Foot Out The Door

Ryan Borochovitz is a fourth-year Theatre Studies student with one foot out the door and into the real world. Sad Ibsen Theatre, a company that he founded while in his third year at York University, will be taking their work to Red Sandcastle Theatre in Toronto this January. We sat down with Ryan to talk about his company’s debut performance: Exiles, by James Joyce. This interview was conducted by Megan Apa.

How did Sad Ibsen Theatre come to be? How did you pick that name?
I suppose, in the early days, it was more of an effort to brand myself than any kind of serious thought about starting a company. One of these early projects to which I had attached this logo was Like a Bicycle, a short absurdist play that I wrote for last year’s playGround Festival. When George [Kiriakopulos], who directed that play, saw the logo, he asked me what it was about. That got us talking about our long-term theatre goals, one thing lead to another, and pretty soon we were talking about starting up our own company. We already had a name and a logo, all we needed to do was keep making theatre. And that’s really all there was to it. Starting a theatre company, despite being a ton of work, is a lot simpler than it used to be. Nowadays, everyone can, and is encouraged to, start their own if they want to get their work out there.

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