Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Thawer

Written by: Aida Oquendo Peña
Sarah performing at the Tam Tam Drum Fest in Seville, Spain.

Sarah performing at the Tam Tam Drum Fest in Seville, Spain.

Career and Creativity Path

How can you build yourself up, and gain the confidence to position yourself as a drum guru on Instagram and amass a 48.2 k following only 3 years after finishing an undergrad degree?

Dedicated to her music, goal oriented and committed to excellence, Sarah Thawer (BFA ’15) received the $40,000 Oscar Peterson Entrance Scholarship when she first came to York to study drumming and Jazz performance, and she graduated Summa Cum Laude at the top of her class.

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Discount Theatre in Toronto

Written by: Gloria

Do you like theatre? Are you poor? Well boy oh boy is this the blog post for you!

As art students, it is important that we stay in the loop of what kind of new work is being put out in the world as we are studying to do the same. Unfortunately, with OSAP being unreliable and theatre prices skyrocketing, it is getting more and more difficult for students to enjoy all the professional work being put out there.

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Dance Bag 101!

Written by: Sadie Cahill

A dance major’s guide to packing for a successful day!

As a dance major, your day can not only consist of plies, tendus, and double bounces, but also long hours in lectures and the library. Having a variety of activities planned throughout the day can be challenging when you’re out of the house for a long time, but this guide will help you better understand what to pack for your day so you can succeed physically, and academically!

Let’s get packing!            

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Music Audition Tips

By: Daniel Pasoff

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Music Auditions @ York

Written By: Daniel Pasoff

With audition season coming up, you are most likely stressing about preparing for your auditions and about what to expect on the day of. I know that you are going to be stressed no matter what anyone says, but following these tips should help ease that stress and make your audition day run smoothly.
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The Collective Art Exhibition

Written by: Vaiva Slapsys

Featuring the works of the students in the 4090 painting and installation classes, the Collective focuses on the exploration of contemporary questions and concerns regarding the body, the environment, urbanity, and cross-cultural overlays. A space for experimentation and new discoveries, the Collective invites you to ask critical questions of the art and of yourself and open up to a collection of work that is both completely unique and yet wholly connected. 

the Collective is hosted in the Gales and Special Projects galleries, February 4th-14th.  Please join the artists at the closing reception on February 14th from 12:30-2:00pm for refreshments, engaging discussion, and celebration.