Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Music Auditions @ York

Written By: Daniel Pasoff

With audition season coming up, you are most likely stressing about preparing for your auditions and about what to expect on the day of. I know that you are going to be stressed no matter what anyone says, but following these tips should help ease that stress and make your audition day run smoothly.
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The Collective Art Exhibition

Written by: Vaiva Slapsys

Featuring the works of the students in the 4090 painting and installation classes, the Collective focuses on the exploration of contemporary questions and concerns regarding the body, the environment, urbanity, and cross-cultural overlays. A space for experimentation and new discoveries, the Collective invites you to ask critical questions of the art and of yourself and open up to a collection of work that is both completely unique and yet wholly connected. 

the Collective is hosted in the Gales and Special Projects galleries, February 4th-14th.  Please join the artists at the closing reception on February 14th from 12:30-2:00pm for refreshments, engaging discussion, and celebration.

So You Want to Double Major?

Written By: Brooke Dalton

So you’re in AMPD and want to double major? Not sure how to go about it? This is the perfect place to start! Double majoring is a great way to explore two interests in a more in-depth way, by getting to experience two programs in one rather than just dabbling in a secondary subject. In my experience, double majoring has been awesome!

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Alumni Spotlight: Collette Radau

Written By: Brooke Dalton

Career and Creativity Path

Where some people are discouraged by the questionable “progress” our society is making, Theatre alumna Collette Radau BFA ’17 finds her purpose and inspiration in looking critically at moral grey areas surrounding humanity’s path. The theatre she is passionate about creating examines what our society deems as ‘good’ from all angles.

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York Music Takes on Markham District High School

Written by: Daniel Pasoff

On November 21st 2018, the York University Wind Ensemble visited Markham District High School to assist with Elementary School clinics. The day was filled with fun activities including three different mass bands, two sessions of mass choir and a performance by the York University Jazz Mobile.
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Auditioning for York Dance? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Written by: Alysha Wood

Here at York, we realize that any audition can be intimidating at first… especially when it’s an audition for a program that can really impact your future! We want you to feel completely ready and confident for your audition, so here are a few things that might be good to know before the big day.

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