The Collective Art Exhibition

Written by: Vaiva Slapsys

Featuring the works of the students in the 4090 painting and installation classes, the Collective focuses on the exploration of contemporary questions and concerns regarding the body, the environment, urbanity, and cross-cultural overlays. A space for experimentation and new discoveries, the Collective invites you to ask critical questions of the art and of yourself and open up to a collection of work that is both completely unique and yet wholly connected. 

the Collective is hosted in the Gales and Special Projects galleries, February 4th-14th.  Please join the artists at the closing reception on February 14th from 12:30-2:00pm for refreshments, engaging discussion, and celebration.

So You Want to Double Major?

Written By: Brooke Dalton

So you’re in AMPD and want to double major? Not sure how to go about it? This is the perfect place to start! Double majoring is a great way to explore two interests in a more in-depth way, by getting to experience two programs in one rather than just dabbling in a secondary subject. In my experience, double majoring has been awesome!

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CineSiege: YorkU’s juried film fest at HotDocs — Tues Jan 22

Written By: Aida Oquendo

Who’s excited for CineSiege? I know I am!

CineSiege is a special event for all Film Production students which features a juried selection of shorts chosen by leading experts in Canadian Film and Media Culture. The winning productions are picked from a shortlist, nominated by faculty members, from all the films produced by students in all levels of the program.

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Theatre Grad Aaron Jan talks goals, gets real about ego & shares moments at YorkU that changed his life and path

Written by: Aida Oquendo Peña

Career and Creativity Path

Two years after graduation Aaron Jan (BFA ’16) has already reached his first personal milestone — making a living as a freelance playwright, director and dramaturg.

Photo of Aaron Jan by: Graham Isador

Photo by: Graham Isador

He has worked with many of Toronto’s most successful indie theatre companies like Cahoots, Fu-GEN, Canadian Stage, Factory Theatre, Native Earth Performing Arts, Tarragon Theatre and Theatre Aquarius.

While those companies have done a lot to build out his resume, he is still best known for his work with Silk Bath Collective, a company he co-founded with fellow alumna Bessie Cheng (BFA ’16) and Gloria Mok, a collaborator they met through Fu-Gen. The collective’s work has been shown at the Toronto Fringe, the Next Stage Theatre Festival and most recently with Soulpepper Theatre Company who presented the world premiere of their new show Yellow Rabbit.

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York University Brass Ensemble: Keeping Tradition Alive

Written by: Kimberly Davis

Brass Ensemble: it used to be a course here at York, but is unfortunately not offered this year.  What’s a brass-lover to do? Until the ensemble is set to return in the upcoming year, a group of approximately 15 students is keeping the brass tradition alive. “We are just young men and women who love brass and couldn’t imagine a world without each other, without the happiness we bring through music, and none of us could imagine a world without brass and complete harmony when playing Bach”, says Kyle McAllister.

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A Caring and Cost-Effective Holiday

Written by: Sadie Cahill

Being a broke university student is stressful enough, but when it comes down to the holiday season, that stress multiplies by the most expensive price tag on your shopping list. How do you get your loved ones the things they deserve when your bank account is sporting a nice $-1.50 balance? Fear not, for this cheapskate has had her fair share of thrifty Christmases, and I have the perfect list of meaningful gifts to make your loved ones AND bank account smile this holiday season.

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Costume Designing “rochdale”

Written by: Tiana Kralj
Theatre @ York just presented the world premiere of David Yee’s rochdale, directed by Nina Lee Aquino. Inspired “by the spirit of the rebel,” the play tells both real and imagined elements of the history of Rochdale College, an experiment in student-run alternative education and co-operative living that opened in 1968 in downtown Toronto.
Costume designer Tiana Kralj shares a backstage look at her process of designing and creating.

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Theatre @ York Presents: Noise

Written By: Brooke Dalton

The semester is flying by with Halloween almost upon us, and everyone has been working so hard; why not take an opportunity to breathe and take in some Theatre at York? I had the opportunity to talk to Jayna Mees, an assistant director of the upcoming theatre production titled Noise, performed by the third year acting conservatory class. The play is split into two companies. Company one is directed by MFA directing student Lindsay Bell and assistant directed by undergraduate student Jake Heisler. The second company is directed by MFA directing student Margaret Muriel Legere and assistant directed by undergraduate Jayna Mees. Read More