Don’t Burn Out!

Written by: Brooke Dalton

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Spring is in the air, and thank goodness. The promise of a semester ending and a mental break is so enticing that it’s hard to stay focused some days. But what about summer school?

What if you want to get ahead in your degree, or try to finish early, or avoid a heavier year next year? How do you balance being a full-time student in the summer, or taking a class and working full-time? How do you avoid burnout?

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How to Survive Commuting

Written By: Brooke Dalton

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Commuters commuters commuters! York is a commuter school, no doubt, and commuting can be a challenge sometimes. With waking up early to get to school on time and being more affected by weather conditions, commuting can be hard!

Whether you’re commuting from the GTA or from downtown, there are many ups and downs to commuting.

So how do we do it?

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Discount Theatre in Toronto

Written by: Gloria

Do you like theatre? Are you poor? Well boy oh boy is this the blog post for you!

As art students, it is important that we stay in the loop of what kind of new work is being put out in the world as we are studying to do the same. Unfortunately, with OSAP being unreliable and theatre prices skyrocketing, it is getting more and more difficult for students to enjoy all the professional work being put out there.

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So You Want to Double Major?

Written By: Brooke Dalton

So you’re in AMPD and want to double major? Not sure how to go about it? This is the perfect place to start! Double majoring is a great way to explore two interests in a more in-depth way, by getting to experience two programs in one rather than just dabbling in a secondary subject. In my experience, double majoring has been awesome!

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Alumni Spotlight: Collette Radau

Written By: Brooke Dalton

Career and Creativity Path

Where some people are discouraged by the questionable “progress” our society is making, Theatre alumna Collette Radau BFA ’17 finds her purpose and inspiration in looking critically at moral grey areas surrounding humanity’s path. The theatre she is passionate about creating examines what our society deems as ‘good’ from all angles.

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How To Survive Show Week!

Written By: Alysha Wood

As artists and performers, many of us know how important and how stressful show week (or day, or weeks, or however long your show runs for!) can be.  It’s how we show off all our hard work, but it’s also extremely hard work in itself!  It’s not always easy to manage, but hopefully my little tips and tricks below will help make it easier and more fun.  I’m a dancer, so my tips are specifically how I survive show week, but they can definitely apply to all kinds of performances.

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Costume Designing “rochdale”

Written by: Tiana Kralj
Theatre @ York just presented the world premiere of David Yee’s rochdale, directed by Nina Lee Aquino. Inspired “by the spirit of the rebel,” the play tells both real and imagined elements of the history of Rochdale College, an experiment in student-run alternative education and co-operative living that opened in 1968 in downtown Toronto.
Costume designer Tiana Kralj shares a backstage look at her process of designing and creating.

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