Auditioning for York Dance? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Written by: Alysha Wood

Here at York, we realize that any audition can be intimidating at first… especially when it’s an audition for a program that can really impact your future! We want you to feel completely ready and confident for your audition, so here are a few things that might be good to know before the big day.

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How To Survive Show Week!

Written By: Alysha Wood

As artists and performers, many of us know how important and how stressful show week (or day, or weeks, or however long your show runs for!) can be.  It’s how we show off all our hard work, but it’s also extremely hard work in itself!  It’s not always easy to manage, but hopefully my little tips and tricks below will help make it easier and more fun.  I’m a dancer, so my tips are specifically how I survive show week, but they can definitely apply to all kinds of performances.

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