Dance Bag 101!

Written by: Sadie Cahill

A dance major’s guide to packing for a successful day!

As a dance major, your day can not only consist of plies, tendus, and double bounces, but also long hours in lectures and the library. Having a variety of activities planned throughout the day can be challenging when you’re out of the house for a long time, but this guide will help you better understand what to pack for your day so you can succeed physically, and academically!

Let’s get packing!            

  1. Footwear

Depending on your studio courses, you might need a variety of footwear (eg. ballet shoes, clean running shoes, black socks, etc) as required by your course-specific dress code. It’s a good idea to keep all these shoes together for optimal organization!

2. Fitness Accessories

Examples: Foam roller, foot roller, tennis balls, Theraband, yoga block, the list goes on… Whether they’re required by your teachers for class work or not, these tools are great to have on you for warm up, cool-down, and just taking care of your very sore body! Each of these accessories can also be used for great workouts and stretches.

3. Hair Accessories

With different types of classes back to back, it’s good to have some simple hair accessories (bun pins, bobby pins, small brush) on hand,  just in case you have to whip your hair up into a 10 second bun, or fix a pesky fly-away.


4. Refillable Water Bottle and Healthy Snacks

Hydration station! When you have a crazy long day filled with studio and academic classes, it’s important to keep your body nourished and well hydrated to get you through the day. As dance majors, we ask a lot of our body physically, so make sure you’re feeding it with healthy food to keep your body nourished and avoid getting sick.

5. First Aid Kit

Extremely important! As dancers, we get cuts, bruises, floor burns and more. Unfortunately, the faculty and the dance department are not permitted to give out first aid supplies to students, which means it’s vital to have your own! Whether you buy a miniature one from the pharmacy or build your own, it’s important to include things like  bandaids, tape, and alcohol wipes.

6. Miniature Sewing Kit

It may seem silly, but it can be a life saver.  During long dance days, it’s easy for clothes and shoes to get rips and tears. Being able to fix a quick rip in your leggings in between classes can save you money on new clothes. Not a sewer? No worries! There a many easy how-to videos on youtube showing simple sewing techniques to keep your dance gear in tact.

7. Laptop/Charger

An academic necessity! Whether it’s for note-taking during a lecture, or to do some quick work on an essay in between classes, it’s a great idea to keep your laptop and a charger with you throughout your day. You never know when you may need it!

8. Pencil Case

A great organizational tool! Never worry about digging around in your bag for a pen again! With all your writing utensils easily stored and accessible, you’ll always be ready for an impromptu free writing exercise.

9. Notebook

Essential! Many dance profs will have times in the course where they ask you to journal in class, or do a free writing exercise. This is why it’s important to always have a notebook on you, ’cause you never know when you might need it!

10. Deodorant

A necessity! We’re dancers, we sweat! Make sure you pack an extra deodorant in your bag just in case you worked a little too hard that morning, if you know what I mean.

11. Sweat towel

Again with the sweating! After a hard workout it can be gross to have to go right to an academic lecture still feeling sweaty and hot. A small towel can be a life saver in helping you feel refreshed before your lectures.

12. Warm Clothes

Keep those muscles warm! The winter term can result in some super cold days, which means having to leave a warm studio class to walk through chilly halls and sit in a freezing cold lecture hall. After a workout, it’s important to keep your muscles warm to prevent injury. Keeping some warm clothes in your bag can save you from the January chills!

13. Planner

A life saver! Balancing studio time, academic deadlines, rehearsal schedules, and more can be extremely overwhelming, so write it down! Having a planner with you will help you stay organized and on top of your busy life.