See You in September!

It feels like just yesterday that the new school year began, and yet here we are nearing the end of yet another year of university.  For some of us it may have been the first of many, and for others it may have been the last (forever)!  Congratulations to everyone leaving us for another chapter in life, and to everyone whose journeys have just begun.  We hope that your past year has been filled with many memories, good and bad, that will help shape you into the marvellous person that you are becoming today, tomorrow, and always, and we would like to thank you for making getAMP(e)D a part of those memories. getAMP(e)D is now on a summer hiatus, and posts will be coming back for the 2018-19 school year. We are honoured that you chose to make us a part of your busy year, and we hope to see you again in September!