24 Signs You’re a Theatre Major

Written By: Tiana Kralj


    1. You know exactly how many minutes are in a year.
    2. You’re not American, but you know the entire history of Alexander Hamilton.
    3. You’re not afraid of strange or concerned looks from passers-by as you conduct rehearsals in any hallway, stairwell, or common room.

  1. You win Halloween. Every year.
  2. You learn to operate on a new lower standard of sleep.
  3. You can never have a social life because you’re always in crew/rehearsal.
  4. When your prof shows a video in class, you ask them to turn off the “house lights”.
  5. You communicate solely using show quotes and lyrics.
  6. You have an entire vocabulary full of acronyms that no one else understands (PM, TD, LX, ASM, etc).
  7. Your enunciation and pronunciation of words is unparalleled.
  8. You don’t know how to whisper without being heard by everyone in class.
  9. Your entire wardrobe consists of 40% cast t-shirts, 40% all black clothes, and 20% clothes you don’t wear anymore but could possibly use as a costume.
  10. You have a slew of inside jokes that are only relevant to you and your cast.
  11. You understand the many uses of simple, household items.
  12. You have an arsenal of embarrassing stories to tell — from costume mishaps, to tripping over set pieces, dropping props, forgetting lines, awkward stage kisses… You get the idea.
  13. You don’t yell, you project.
  14. Everyone notices your makeup looks because you only know how to do over-the-top eyeshadow, red lips, and fake eyelashes. The people on the back of the bus also need to see your features, am I right?
  15. You social media has at least one or two (or 25) blurry and poorly angled pictures of you meeting an actor at the stage door.
  16. Your music library is purely showtunes.
  17. You have a strong yearning to vacation in Santa Fe.
  18. You only ever refer to it as The Scottish Play. Why endanger the lives of your cast and the show itself?!
  19. You don’t sing in the shower. You PERFORM.
  20. You know exactly how to become popular.
  21. And last but not least, you’re prepared to lead a revolution at any time.