playGround 2018

Written by: Madeleine

Have you heard of playGround? I mean, obviously you’ve heard of playgrounds before; after all, we were all 5-years-old once. But I’m not talking about those kinds of playgrounds; I’m talking about playGround Festival (the capitalization here is VERY important)! playGround is like York’s very own Fringe festival. Students can submit a concept and a script of a monodrama, and from that, a panel of students collectively picks the final line up.

The playGround festival’s goal is to be a host to the development of original and experimental pieces involving ideas that push the boundaries of traditional theatrical form. This year’s initiative includes collaboration between students in the fine arts to facilitate and nurture an interdisciplinary festival that includes a variety of artistic mediums.  So not only are theatre students involved in playGround, we’ve got music majors, dance majors and visual arts majors participating in this collaborative festival, as well.

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This year, there are a total of 15 performances in playGround ranging from musical tributes to parodies of the Titanic.  They are as follows:

iMasturbate. Period. by Eleanor Kschischang
Birth Day by Megi Kaca
Wishing You A Lifetime of Mutluluk by Ilkiz Gurbuz and Barbara Morrone-Sanchez
P(issed) O(ff) Box by Sam Hacking
Shack In the Forest by Karley Jagusic

Yiya and Ligia by Yassmin Altamirano
The Secret Project by Jason Weston-Wong
Manmade Stardust by Catherine Brown
(Pre)Judas by Christina Sousa
Clair De Lune by Karley Jagusic

Clit by Acadia Walsh
The Daron McColl Trio
The Other People by Connor Moe
Rose’s Thoughts from the Raft by Noah Sisson
TrashBaby by Katherine Doering

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Get ready to play!