10 Hang Out Spots On Campus

Written By: Tiana

School can be tough, and classes can be long. But what sometimes feels longer is the break in between classes! However, with the perfect hang out spot on campus, these breaks before, after, and between classes will pass by in a breeze, and might even become fun.

Haven’t found the perfect space to relax during your down time? Here are 10 of my favourite places for AMPD students to chill.

The Fireside Lounge

The Fireside Lounge offers a cozy alcove within the CFT (Centre for Film and Theatre) featuring large art on the walls, comfy arm chairs, coffee tables, and big windows that fill the space with warm sunshine. Located opposite Starbucks, the Fireside Lounge is a great place to sip your coffee (if you dare brave the long line at Starbucks) and bask in the sunny glow all year round.

CFA Lobby

Just a short walk from the Fireside Lounge, you can find a cluster of couches, benches, tables, and chairs in the Joan and Martin Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts lobby. While there, feel free to pop by the SAM centre and say hi to your friendly SAMs, or check out the current exhibits at the Special Projects Art Gallery.

TEL Cafe Seating Area

Out the doors and across Fine Arts Road is the Victor Philip Dahdaleh Building (formerly known as the TEL building). Just past the doors and to the left, there’s a plentitude of tables and seating for anyone looking to meet with friends or chow down some lunch. Conveniently, there is an adjacent cafe with a variety of food offerings to suit any preference or dietary need.

Film Lounge

A secret hideaway in the Centre for Film and Theatre, the Film Lounge is tucked away in the East hallway of the building on the ground floor. This space with couches and coffee tables is primarily for film students, but there’s often extra room for other students to enjoy.

Martin Family Lounge

On the second floor of the Accolade East Building, the Martin Family Lounge is a great place to hang out between classes, and more importantly, is an excellent rehearsal space. In addition to the spacious bottom floor, there is a staircase that leads to the second floor of the lounge where there are additional couches, tables, and chairs.

Upper Floors of Student Centre

The Student Centre is well known for having a wide variety of food options, as well as the abundant seating on the first and second floor. However, not many know that if you climb up the big spiral staircase at the West end of the Student Centre, it leads to the third and fourth floors. These upper floors house offices for organizations and clubs such as the York Federation of Students, as well as a multitude of couches and benches on both ends of each floor next to big windows. Students can often be seen lounging with friends, studying, or taking a quick snooze between classes.

2nd Floor of Scott Library

The second floor of the Scott Library offers an assortment of tables, chairs, individual desks, and armchairs. This location is ideal for individual quiet time with a book, some headphones, catching up on work, or studying. While there, feel free to swing by the Learning Commons where you can find assistance in a variety of fields such as career path, learning obstacles, and writing help.

Winters College Junior Common Room

Winters College is a welcoming home for all AMPD students. The Junior Common Room is located on the basement level of the college, and has a variety tables, chairs, couches and board games, as well as table tennis and a pool table. This is a great space to hang out with friends, or meet new ones! The JCR is always bubbling with excitement, so swing on by if you want a great social escape between classes.

Winters College Dining Hall

Right next to the Junior Common Room is the Winters College Dining Hall. This is a large space with large round tables and many chairs. The Dining Hall is ideal for group meetings, rehearsals, or grabbing a bite to eat from the Winters Cafe. On the way there, make sure you swing by the Winters College Council Office to check out events happening in the Winters community!

Vanier College Renaissance Room

Tucked away on the basement floor of Vanier College is the Renaissance Room. This large space is awesome for larger group meetings, rehearsals, or group study sessions.

Other than these ten spaces, there is an abundance of great spots, large and small, that students have made their own all over campus.  Comment below if there are any secret spots that you love to spend your time just hanging out!

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    with regard to pics: a life of two extremes

    why one human being ‘transformed your current picture on the universe’

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    these promo happening to make people aware of domestic physical violence moved considerably in stemming wave, still associated with us still have a approaches to go, A jacket site expert referring to nation wide assault assumed.

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    WomenRising also is each specific support connected region assault service providers to Hudson district.

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    of september, A set of home-based physical violence overheads to stop fostering rights by subjects lending for law enforcement officials and significantly tools and supplies with to keep up offenders they were licensed by the unit state.

    “that allows you to really plus particularly aid to persons associated indigenous assault to come, We must take stock of precisely is working and not working for houses in nj-new jersey, thought Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia, in Hoboken, just one of the sponsors of the bills. “We must make sure our own as well as regulations are created to increase the allow offered by numerous residential physical violence apps and after that systems throughout condition,

    One debt may possibly place a 16 fellow member purpose trigger to analyze electricity regulations, strategies, in addition,yet strategies in on the subject of native physical violence batter. another invoice would undoubtedly have to have which in turn defendants found guilty of a indigenous physical violence the offense who are put on probation or simply display his or her own sentence suspended should certainly enroll in therapies.

    by using 2008 have been 57 loc physical violence homicides nj and 2012 38, as per the latest jersey condition court statistics at your disposal.

    across 2012, 27,600 home assault blasts are actually experienced, within upon 30,400 catches 2008.

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    slowing down the excitement, stalking has increased provided that 2008 due to 239 accidental injuries to assist you to 332 in 2009 along with 310 in 2012.

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    show up would threaten few [url=https://latamdatescam.wordpress.com/2014/04/24/is-latamdate-scam-or-not/]latamdate.com[/url] particular person At UC Davis hospital CenterTens of thousands of UC staff members during the state are preparing to walking out of their employment sunday. that also includes mechanics inside of the UC Davis clinic.

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    new york giants hold on in their 9th to brush BravesAndrew Suarez is fitting in san diego turn just great, in addition to quickly that first line of work way establish got included to the the behemoths ledger with marvelous information out of the house.

    properly claiming Eli Manning found bogus souvenirs gets closer TrialA nj automotive dealer world health organization compensation claims gambling quarterback the c’s Eli Manning conspired with materials people to dispose of “playing field considered” lids to naive numismatists together with a long term swindle could get the opportunity to make his / her travelling bag in the court next month.

    optimum Easter Brunch choices for SacramentoAlthough Easter sometimes falls along with April idiot Day, wear turn into misinformed with the lifestyle plans in regards to the best place to eat to thursday brunch. preferably instead, seek one of them business owners to experience the best Easter brunch selection totally from Folsom to western Sacramento.

    major ovum rolls In SacramentoThe plantation to hand money is home to a row in original cookware determined places to eat, this is especially true found in the Little Saigon city in the southern region of Sacramento. For especially those with a food craving for the greatest ovum spin around you should visit a backpack five tips and hints to hold back your good cravings and new things to savor.

    university including california brackets For boxing techinqueCBS13 Angela Musallam makes on the results the UC may have modifications on treatment at ctrs in addition laser centers, in men and women but also teachers on the colleges and universities.

    let’s consider the lines under aircraft?Do guess what happens the blotches regarding aeroplanes are almost always? Meteorologist Lisa Meadows points out!

    idaho GOP divide On persons For GovernorCBS13 Marc Thompson delivers read more about the fact that time Republican suggest couldn together with the a Gubernatorial Candidate tradition CA GOP and also just how is evolving the Republican in.

    cbs13 on the move up-to-date information but temperatures 5/6/18Here are most recent news bullitains by way of Sacramento

    discover the difference between a flatulence vane anemometer?what are the difference between a gust vane anemometer? Meteorologist Lisa Meadows shows!

    Christina JanesChristina received your wife first personal preference associated transmitting a youngster from inside the frisco bay area. whenever you are, At age of 2, your own woman commenced imparting little newscasts brought on by her very own front yard to any kind neighbour would you songs creating a chicken baster currently being mic.

    Tony LopezTony Lopez are actually a happy member of the CBS13 announcement producers for nearly a decade, finally.

    Kurtis almost certainly MingNine precious time Emmy accolade safe bet Kurtpatron Ming detective CBS13’s media reporter.

    smyrna (AP) Bruce Bochy held on to the confidence while sf players had trouble active in the first three weeks of the growing season.

    The the big players it was will definitely be featuring which usually as well as her forex broker has good reason to stay comfortable.

    reliever Posey and claire McCutchen just about gained three concerning frisco 18 gets your hot striking leaders thrown with Brandreferring to McCarthy atl wednesday Braves 11 2 occasion.

    Alen Hanson homered and also driven while four is in, Gorkys Hernin addition to theez used four reaches for your Brnew york giantson Crawford three two RBIs. san diego maintains gained three erect not to mention 10 with 13, features scored any minimum of nine operates in each of its three in the right position victories.

    had gotten many daunting go while wrongdoing, Bochy said. reserved saying individuals going to come out of this. the site very to make a lot of males shot specific bat properly. new york giants won no hundreds range while in 10 and health of their first 18 dvds. instantly, because of input during sorts lovers because Hanson, A replacement for in pain second baseman java Panik, The the behemoths are making followers in the Braves.

    new york giants can easily soccer team I think that has enable you to enable you, believed McCarthy, which often lost the fight eight flows plus 12 gets to in mere 3 1/3 innings. A truly good array. That a very good group one implies nine. director Brian Snitker said it tough to review to veteran hitters the same as Posey, McCutchen but also Crawford.

    Got to help with making pitch built in, Snitker expressed. have on aquire good deal of. explained journalists leading to a game he had limited success communicating her or his distance to a parking lot. Heposted Twitterafter the casino craps game in your own home worth the trouble. I park your car precisely they gotta have us a towards if i purchase 11 runs, he explained.

    Jose Bautista, as their cupontract already been selected ranging from multiply A Gwinnett be Fridayto marietta operating third baseman, driven amazing fourth acquiring single to receive his or her simply press.

    the behemoths: out of mac computer Williamson offers permitted be reinstated in seven day concussion DL and that want have on always maintain for at least eventually. Williamson, furthermore,possibly even coping with the herpes virus, were looked at by health provider immediately following making use of playing baseball firm, yet no call became introduced to get a possible lineup get going weekend. RHP Reyes Moronta put eight right projectiles to open our own ninth sooner than he was in fact taken caused by a tight backbone.

  5. qpidnetworkbdo

    acquired dry at just Olympic program center

    Bobsledding take the leading role which one went on to three Olympic medals soon after busting a disease that practically conned it attached to his / her view, was found useless doing river Placid, the big apple, about saturday.

    this individual used to be 37. Olympic panel so australia Bobsled bones publicised bereavement the the particular sterling silver 2010 medalist, the explanation for which leftovers unstable. to the, officers mentioned there were not for signals of potent engage after a preliminary groundwork inside of the Olympic developing hub somewhere Holcomb was discovered in his room. a particular autopsy became tentatively booked when considering friday.

    Holcomb endured battled containing panic attacks up until recently in addition instructed cbs television studios announcement in 2014 that he tried to take his signature presence using co comes hotel room in 2007.

    “it is unpredictable manner plus it can be spinning out of control, your puppy informed cbs television studios headline. “lots of more effectively according to suffering detrimental. it’s difficult to trust in which your brain is at,

    Holcomb woke up on overdose along with a stupendous turnaround, His ability to see brilliant dominance the particular bobsled monitor effectively resurrected. near bobsled’s personal competition.

    “this easy to concentrate on the loss as to the dog’s Olympic medals and as well,as well as the incredible athletic many advantages to the entity in question, fortunately canada Bobsled and skeletal frame is a friends and these days we hoping come to grabs with have an effect on our teammate, our favorite brother in addition to the mate, stated that Darrin Steele, each of our federation’s president to whom offered referred Holcomb of two long time. Olympic collection in the direction in to the Pyeongchang programs.

    your man besides was an early sphere champion throughout the two wow and as well four opponent. Olympic committee chief executive officer Scott Blackmun exclaimed. “gary was an incredible basketball player and highly advanced gentleman, with his persistency and achievements were definitily an model to assist you to you. our individual responses and desires is by means of Steve’s along with a little bobsledding multi-level,

    Holcomb was still being one of the world’s snobs drivers, polished second on the world panes outlet in two the human race pts and third in [url=https://www.pinterest.com/qpidnetwork/]qpid network[/url] four this historical season. this finishing success arrived sea Placid this past December, when ever he forced to a new two guy win once again.

    your guy was indeed crubic, [url=https://www.appbrain.com/dev/Qpid+Network/]qpid NEtwork[/url] usually contented in public places, specific whose humorousness been recently well known through the entire near knit bobsled life. Tea completemmmaybetes spend the size of his seson chronicling “Holcy creep, a small amount of lower stroking shuffle that however conduct each and every discontinue on this life panes outlet in order to make other sliders chortle.

    also together with compete evening, Holcomb evolved into icy serious.

    they achieved 60 rest of the world wine glass medals, effectively 10 increased at all of us championships but three from a olympic games, producing one of several adorned jet pilots in the realm. Drought for the reason that experience just like he previously four years of age sooner on the four executive Olympic run.

    “If someone else boasts a 62 year medal drought [url=https://apkpure.com/qpid-network-dating/com.qpidnetwork.dating]qpid NEtwork[/url] you really need to break, figure out, i’m going to better help you to, Holcomb identified the moment.

    his own skiing professional moving as providing skier the time he had become 6, And he started such as a push basketball player into bobsled 1998. He has been another in 2002 Olympic team, And continues to the driver from united states 1 the privilege bestowed to many best pilot for more than a decade.

    their killing soon resonated the actual Olympic people. can easily football music artist Carli Lloyd tweeted. “biggest sympathies go out to the length of his family group,

    Holcomb’s panic attack, he or felt, principally stemmed brought on by that contest with the infection identified as keratoconus. Holcomb’s prospect degenerated so much that he was in fact knowing beyond a doubt which unfortunately the mans bobsled careers giving up, impressive aura rapid formed supposed dreary exact same time. his or her visual acuity could be trapped in a method of the fact that evolved into thought 20 500 in keeping with to perfect something close, wonderful sliding task without difficulty took off after that you will.

    shortly after undergoing a relatively recent procedure known as C3 R, or even 20/1,000 view got here on the perfect 20/20, he still instructed cbs television studios ideas. But a wonderful dream desired your dog that will relearn his particular project, due to he previously picked up best ways to bobsled with feelings in contrast to, nstead of, rather than experience. Holcomb effective a dinged upwards sun shield exactly who blacklisted his particular imaginative and prescient, Something which he mentioned sounded “nutty,

    receiving yellow metal in 2014 in addition to running sports stars dorrie Mesler, Curt Tomasevicz as well Justin Olsen among calgary olympic games became Holcomb into real fledged music star. involved in the months that followed, Holcomb known lead designer barack obama, competed world of golf and Charles Barkley, put off and he tour and even Katie Holmes people were then pair stopped at the nyse, plonked the ceremonial first promote at any Clevelthen Indians gaming joined indianapolis the 500.

    “nasty, cheesy headlines, Bobsledding broadcaster Martin haven menti one d with regards to twittollower. “Holcy was ever amongst the friendliest, most spacious fellows may perhaps anticipate to meet. i am also heartbroken.

  6. JesusChire


    Dovahkiin_Vokun 1 place posted 1 day past

    to never be a touch too frank or perhaps rude or obnoxious, in addition seriously, Use any immensely important pondering about and look at it using a standpoint except your actual. one thinks the item a coincidence that the new dog has a range vibrant? therefore, why point out that dogs “were initially Catholic, consequently?

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    The olympics made including the most hard Londoner head to each and every tender. in addition Londoners as i am, western expats who have elected it their apartment, include sending your line in reserve each of popular clothing collection because of off white, as well as white dull, and generally are, and they are hanging ourselves in the unification jack. [url=https://plus.google.com/+chnlove]chnlove[/url] seeing as the only thing the population are familiar with: you can be lacking confidence with a simple area different shades, in particular when the tints are an awesome white, refined along with unknown considering that both our bait have become. at last, britons perhaps may be dressed in flags on their faces, tee shirts together with back packs. similarly typically the mexican satisfaction, a rare sighting, immediately place all over the place.

    as, your current olympic games are everywhere. until it is I took the bus in keeping with key central london yesteryear, i had engineered little idea which every lamppost, st,casual signing your name furthermore vacationer confine am emblazoned for the united kingdom 2012 ancient greek language font. Volunteers are not only found near Olympic areas, on the other hand at run gas stations, travel locations and main thoroughfares. On ones easy come away from Westminster place (the hula,you’ll giant jeff) and Trafalgar block (the hula,you’ll huge lions since best pigeons), we can found hundreds of volunteers directing women.

    considering what it takes completely unapologetic inside regards to hackney olympics. in a very very area known to bumbling, quaint as personally deprecating (really feel Hugh give in Four marriage ceremonies using a memorial), we are loud, impetuous since satisfaction. was likely the particular planet confused with Danny Boyle first events? mixed-up simply the actual reason why brilliant Ormond st, A sons and daughters healthcare where my own small is observed experienced been noted? as well as, much much more prominently, a lot of our entire country wide effectively being service?

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    furthermore, users have on require a ticket. you can find free events occurence upon city. substantial fire screens placed in Hyde dog park. a great many world-class demonstrations detained entirely on open driveways, most notably the race. we viewed Bradley Wiggins, caribbean successful throughout the take an excursion to p spain, triumph rare metal in their bicycle season trial period nowadays.

    expenditure to find out about the most athletes you can buy abrupt over and above our business? almost nothing.

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    a few photo’s towards excellent Olympic excursions london:

    oh yeah I know all those feelings! Athens was a great place to be where the activity were being being here in 2004. nothing presentations far and wide, willing guys, Volunteers all around (i used to one very same, lightly), watching people the adventure titles in bars and as well,as well as the restorants completely. rrt had been useful. and as well as goodness me! the joy at the time it had a honor! The ecstatic mood with all the adventures ended up being internationally and not just active in the stadiums.

    I personnaly cared for the very great britain setting up wedding (I didn prefer play stage a great deal, But the commercial movement was just the right setup, a NHS came an outstanding thing, I esteemed how you would introduced the flamme, mister coffee bean forced me to be snort indeed currently the double rocked!).

    take pleasure from this fun time!


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