What do I Do With my Dance Degree?!

Written By: Lucia Llano

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and insecure when people ask you about your professional goals and your performance career? Soothe your worries by reading the following insight on what York Dance graduate Victoria Gubiani is doing now and the possibilities that you have after graduating!

“Dance? (Insert surprised, sceptical, and confused reaction)”
“How do you study dance? What school? What do you do after?”
“Are you going to get a job?”
“I used to take ballet classes when I was younger!”

Questions like these, and more, target our career choices. It can feel like they are coming at you from all sides: overwhelming questions everywhere! The good thing is that you are not alone! Growing up is not easy. Making decisions is not easy. Choosing dance, or any art form for that matter, as a professional career is not easy. Facing these challenges only makes your art stronger and helps you develop as a mature performer.  You might not be sure what the future holds for you or what you would like to pursue; that is okay! This is why you came to university!

Coming to university for dance is one of the most exciting and challenging things you could have ever done. So congratulations if you made it this far! York’s program offers a wide variety of options that allows you to learn many things about dance that you might have never experienced: from anatomy, to production, to writing, technique and choreography classes. In addition to that,  there are so many experiences and opportunities that you can take advantage of while you are in university. From interdisciplinary performance opportunities (i.e PlayGround theatre festival) to opportunities such as living alone, figuring out how to master time management, and balancing work, school and extracurricular activities.

Victoria Gubiani is a recent graduate from the York Dance program from the Choreography/Performance stream.  She is now working at the Office of Advising and Integrated Student Services (OAISS) for the School of AMPD.  But that’s not all: she is also producing and choreographing her own show as an independent artist! In the following interview* she gives us some insight on what life looks after graduation and gives us some advice on how to face “the real world”.

Interviewer: What would you recommend students take advantage of during their time at York?

Victoria: Performance opportunities! Especially if you are in the Choreography/Performance stream, taking on performance opportunities in the department and getting involved with interdisciplinary projects within the faculty will help you network with other students that could give you more opportunities in the future. I think getting close to your professors is also very important; since it is such a small department, they can get to know you better. In this way they will be willing to support your career by writing recommendation letters, mentoring you, or working as outside eyes for a project.

I: What is one thing that you took with you after graduation?

V: One thing that I take with me and always keep in mind as a professional are the comments and critiques that my classmates and professors gave me in my choreography classes.  The safe space to express and listen to different opinions is something that I continue to value today in my professional work.

I: What is the best advice that you can give to someone that is graduating?

V: Don’t stop dancing. Make sure you get involved in a project or at least take one class that you go to regularly. After four years of university, it is important to continue with your training and keep growing. Don’t stop working your craft!

Victoria is now producing and choreographing a show called between contact. What is really exciting about this show is that everyone involved in it is a graduate of York! From the stage manager, to the dancers, and even the front of house; everyone comes from York!

Do not miss the opportunity to watch this show and get an idea of what you can do once you graduate! Victoria, in addition to everyone involved in the project, would be very happy to see you there, supporting their careers and passions just like you would like to be supported and appreciated. The York professional artistic community has a lot to offer and is waiting for you, no matter what you would like to pursue; performing, choreographing, writing, producing… or all of them!

Your years as a university student are valuable and will help you become an artist no matter what you decide to pursue. Just know that, besides performing, there are countless opportunities for you to work in your field and wear all of the different hats a dancer can wear.

between contact:

Friday, December 8 | 8:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday, December 9 | 8:00pm-9:00pm
*Doors open at 7:30pm

Online | $15.00
At the door | $20.00
Students/CADA members | $12.00

Find your tickets and more information about the show here:


*interview has been edited for length and clarity.