What Pantone Colour Are You?

Written by: Paojia Tang

Every colour says something, makes you feel something. Each colour has a personality, just like we do.  So what if you were a colour? Have you ever wondered what colour you would be? Wonder no longer, because you can find out right now!

Pantone colours are a designer’s best friend. The Pantone Colour Matching System is used to stop colour distortion, better the communication between designer and print houses, as well as ensure better print results. The name of each Pantone colour allows the printing houses to match and print the exact colour needed for each piece. Whether you’re trying to make the packaging match the poster, or get the billboard to match the website, Pantone colours are the way to go.

Pantone also releases a “Colour of the Year” each year, which is cool to follow and integrate into your work!  They’re also super fun to match to your own personality.  So, without further ado, take the quiz to find out which Pantone colour you are!