The Ashley Plays: Who is Ashley?

Written by: Maddy

The Ashley Plays: Join us on October 22nd at 12:45 in the CFT Lobby.

Who is Ashley?

Ashley is coming.

Where did Ashley come from?

Ashley is coming.

You’ve probably seen questions like these in classrooms, on chalk boards and on mirrors in the bathroom. You’ve seen the poster and you’re probably wondering, WHO IS ASHLEY?
Well, wonder no longer, because I’m here to tell you exactly who Ashley is.

The Ashley plays are a series of site specific monodramas written by the 4th year playwriting class, inspired by a class-generated profile of a character named Ashley. But no two Ashley’s are alike. Ashley could be your kind older sister, or a vengeful university student. Ashley is everyone and Ashley is no one.

Each playwright has developed their very own version of Ashley with the help of the class dramaturges and professor Judith Rudakoff; in sets of “audience pods”, you are guided as a group through non-linear, thematically linked short plays for a truly unique theatre experience.

This event is for anyone, but if you’re a first year Theatre student this is an especially great opportunity to see what kind of theatre making is offered at York, particularly if you’re interested in playwriting! Afterwards, you are invited to an informal chat with the playwrights and dramaturges in the CFT lobby.

Arrive at 12:45 in the CFT in front of the JGG box office on October 22nd! If you’re not sure what building the CFT is, just remember: It’s building number 38 on the York University Keele Campus map, and is the only building on campus with a Starbucks! This is a pay-what-you-can event, and all proceeds will be donated to OxFam Unwrapped.

Cick here for the Facebook event where you can go for more information and to let us know you’re interested! We hope to see you there!

Produced by the 4290 Playwriting and New Play Dramaturgy dramaturgs, written by the 4290 playwrights, and assisted by the 3290 class.

4290 Class
Adam Corrigan-Holowitz
Kathleen Dickson
Eleanor Kschischang
Jessie Whyte

Laura Clark
Maddy Harkness
Zack Lovetime
Hannah Ormond Yip-Chuck
Michelle Paunov
Noah Perritt
Beth Ransom
Sierra Riley
Danny Sylvan
Samuel Thomas
Maranda Tippins

3290 Class
Jessica Copetti
Jake Heisler
Katie Irvine
Jade Silman

Brandon Abas
Cat Brown
Vanessa Cocca
Brooke Dalton
Sabrina Gomes
Rachael Henfrey
Jacob Lin
Heather Love
Jayna Mees
Nia Osei
Cassandra Troiano