Finding Inspiration

Written by Chevon Gilzene

Ironically, one of the biggest problems I face as a musician is staying inspired to create. I sometimes find myself taking the easy way out of creativity by imitating when I should be emoting. How do I overcome this? I look inside for inspiration. I have been told many times that inspiration can be found all around me. I don’t deny the power of nature in providing inspiration, but I also insist on discovering the power of finding inspiration within yourself.

What does that even mean, really? When I feel happy, excited, in love, overjoyed, or at peace, I put it in my music. When I get frustrated, stressed out, overwhelmed, or angry, I put it in my music. This has not only allowed me to reconnect with the music I play or sing, but it allows practicing to be therapeutic for me. It’s hard to not be creative when I’m constantly inspired.

Now, of course I am not my only source of inspiration (that would be narcissistic). As a matter of fact, I usually turn inward only after failing to find inspiration elsewhere. I began turning inwards as a way to channel my emotions during private lessons that weren’t going well (we all have those days), but it turned into an almost daily exercise.

Many of us decided that music is what we want to do with our lives because of how it made us feel. Why not use your passion for music to make your music sound more passionate!