Typography Help: From A to Z

Written by Jaeden Theriault

What typeface do fish fear most?

…Gill Sans!

With terrible typography jokes out of the way, let’s focus on what’s important. Typography is tough. With so many typefaces and styles, it can be hard to know what suits your work the most, especially with your teachers telling you that you can’t use amazing fonts like Papyrus and Comic Sans. Thankfully, there are plenty of other designers out there with the same problem, and a select few have made resources to make our lives easier. 

This website shows you type “in the wild,” along with webfont recommendations and type guides.

Kern Type
This is more of a fun game than a type resource, but if kerning (the space between type) has ever confused you, definitely check it out.

What the Font
Ever wonder what font you’re looking at? Submit an image of it to this website and it’ll give you the closest match possible!

Some of us don’t have time for taking screenshots of fonts for identification. With this easy-to-use Chrome plugin you can identify a webfont just by hovering over it. It even identifies the webfont service if it’s Typekit or Google Font API.

Google Fonts
Speaking of Google Fonts, this is a site run by Google that provides web fonts for online use. With a wide variety of typefaces and font pairing, you can use this site to find fonts for your websites, or just for offline use.

Font Pair
This site uses the aforementioned Google Fonts database to create aesthetically pleasing pairs, showing you what fonts make good headers, and what fonts look great as body copy underneath. This is helpful for web design and general typography.

Hopefully with all of these resources your life as a typographer will become significantly easier. Nothing makes life easier than jokes, though, so to conclude…

What kind of music does Franklin Gothic enjoy?

The Heavy Metal Type!