Hope In The MakingĀ 

Written by Chevon Gilzene

As an African-Canadian student in the arts, I am always looking for ways to share my culture and history with others through my talents. I see the arts as a way of expression but also as a possible tool to activate change. Hope In The Making is a concert that I had originally envisioned to take place here at York, but because of time restraints, I decided to hold it off campus. It is meant to serve multiple purposes: to celebrate Black History Month, emphasize the importance of gospel music to the African American experience, create a platform for local artists to showcase their culture, and to fundraise for World Vision Canada to help send young girls in Haiti to school. As one would imagine, there are many challenges that arise with organizing a concert while balancing everything else in life. I won’t lie and say it has been easy, but having a supportive group of people on my team has helped tremendously.

My vision for Hope In The Making is for it to encompass multiple different ways of expression, from spoken word to dance to music, and showcases students from within AMPD as well as other artists from the GTA. It also provides a platform for young entrepreneurs to promote their business ventures and sell their merchandise before and after the concert.

I decided to donate the funds raised towards education for a few reasons. All of the performers and entrepreneurs are either students themselves or teachers in some respect, plus education is important to the future of any country.

Hope In The Making takes place on Saturday, February 27 at Crosspoint Christian Reformed Church (444 Steeles Ave. W, Brampton) at 7:30pm. For tickets or more information visit the event page at https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/hope-in-the-making-tickets-21065404191