Written by Lina Evans

I invite you to read my inner-most thoughts. They may or may not be entirely coherent, but my mind is running a mile a minute.

I’ve put all of my eggs in one basket and now we’re going. It’s done. It’s happening. For my final thesis film at York, I’ll be travelling to Cali, Colombia to make a documentary. Now I’m not sure if I’m ready to say what my documentary will be about because the reality of the situation is that I don’t know. I honestly won’t know until I’m back in the CFT with my editor cutting it together. Hopefully it’s a glimpse of what I dream this film could be.

We (myself and my cinematographer) have the potential to create a visually stunning film about environmental change and the collectiveness of a community. While in Cali, we’ve been presented with the opportunity work with a group of people that do not have any potable water in their vicinity. While one member travels with his horse and cart to collect fresh water, the community has built a way of life that doesn’t necessarily work anymore. Keep in mind that the city of Cali is very much aware that there needs to be a developed plan to help its citizens living on the outskirts, but it’s a matter of supply and demand. Drought is also another element adding to the problem.

I find myself with a strange sense of calm and nervous excitement. This is the sort of documentary filmmaking I’ve wanted to pursue from the very beginning. I can only hope that the last three years have prepared me for the next month. Right now, I feel fine with my production binder locked in my fingers, but from past experience I know how quickly my plan can change.

I can’t tell you if I have any regrets? Well maybe once I have the courage to check my chequing account I’ll quickly take that back, but for now I’m (hesitantly) good.