What’s In Your Bag?

Written by Olivia Faveri

pointe-1419303As a student in York University’s dance program, you begin your day in technique class, and then often go on to attend your academic classes and rehearsals. This means long days at school and a very full dance bag! In order to best prepare you for a typical “day in the life,” we have asked students to share their must-have items for their bags that keep them going! Below is a list compiling their responses, dividing the essentials into five main categories: apparel, body, fuel, technology, and tools.

– Socks
– Ballet shoes
– Extra pair of tights
– Sweats!
– Change of clothes
– Legwarmers

– Deodorant/anti-perspirant
– Muscle cream (Tiger Balm or Rub A535)
– Travel-size mouthwash
– Band-Aids
– Lip balm
– Hand sanitizer
– Tissues
– Hand lotion

– Water bottle
– SNACKS!! (Apples, almonds, some form of bar…)

– AUX cord
– iPod
– Laptop
– Headphones
– Charger

– Thera band
– Acuballs (small one for feet, big one for the rest of the body!)
– Lacrosse/tennis balls
– Bobby pins
– Hair ties
– Hair net (for your ballet bun!)
– Journal
– Agenda/planner
– Pens and highlighters