So you’re interested in Visual Art…

Questions answered by Kateryna Vatsyk, a third-year Visual Art student.

Why did you choose York?
I chose to study Visual Art at York because I was able to combine my major with a minor in another area. I can also take Concurrent Education and graduate with two degrees at the same time: a BFA and a BEd.

What was involved in the application/audition/evaluation process for your program?
In order to apply for the Visual Art program, students need to complete a supplementary form and answer questions relating to the Visual Art practice. Upon completion of the supplementary form, students will have to choose an audition/interview day. On your audition day, you should bring your portfolio with 8 works in two different medias and a sketchbook (you are not required to have a completed, neat sketchbook – instead you can bring in a folder with all of your sketches). I would recommend bringing in extra work – something that will allow you to better show your skills and talent. Also, make sure you can communicate the themes and ideas or social issues that your work holds.

What advice would you give someone applying for the program you are currently in?
Make sure to keep your average up, since York offers many scholarship for incoming students.
– consider taking other courses outside of your major to enrich your world view and make new friends
– consider taking courses in other mediums that you have not yet worked in
– keep in mind that for most Visual Art courses you will have to purchase supplies required for each course (you will be given a list of supplies on the first day of class)
– free studio time is available outside of your regular class hours, and it’s a great opportunity for you to complete work on time using the given facility, as well as make new friends