Digital Media in the Making

Written by Raymond Wan

From LED lanterns to robotic insects, combined with food and music, Maker Day was a must-attend event for all students. Presented by the Digital Media Student Association (DMSA), Maker Day was held on Friday November 27th, 2015 in the Digital Media Transmedia Lab (ACW 103), and was an all-day, drop-in event open to all students. Students spent the day learning how to create LED lanterns and construct small- to large-scale robots with the use of electronic kits and supervised soldering. Each electronic kit had a certain difficulty level ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced, and students were able to take home anything they had made during the event. Students also enjoyed free food and drinks, as well as raffle tickets with great prizes.

This was a great opportunity for students outside of the Digital Media program to witness and participate in a small portion of what the program has to offer. Students that are interested in Maker Day can enrol in the course ‘Physical Computing,’ offered by the Digital Media program next year. This course is open to all non-majors and can be taken as an elective.

The Digital Media Students Association is always looking for members! They have their weekly meetings Wednesdays in CFA 102B from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. For those that are interested in running more events such as Maker Day and DMSA’s weekly Coffee House, be sure to attend a meeting and bring your friends!

Find more information on the Digital Media Student Association at