Being a Design Student Ambassador and Mentor

Written by John MacDonald

As YSDN students, there are many exciting opportunities that we can become involved in, whether it is being in the Design Students Association or attending workshops and design events. We also have the chance to showcase our design work through various work opportunities.

I became a Student Ambassador and Mentor (SAM) for AMPD, and outside of my regular duties I occasionally work on design projects.

One of the projects I am a part of is a fundraising campaign for Syrian refugees. The goal is to bring Syrian families over to Canada and help them transition into their new lives. I worked alongside two fellow YSDN students, Javid Aziz (third year) and Laura Taunton (fourth year). We were tasked with designing a logo that could be used on all campaign ads, both print and online. Working as a part of this team has helped me to develop my interpersonal skills. Trying to create whilst working with other creative people requires compromise and the sharing of tasks and ideas. It was also a chance to experience working in a client/designer situation. This was valuable for building skills for my future in the design industry and for producing work for a real-life project. One of the best parts was that it allowed me to work with and get to know two talented and amazing people.

syria-button (1)

Design for AMPD for Syria done by John MacDonald, Javid Aziz, and Laura Taunton (Design SAMs).

This project was an exciting opportunity to work on a real initiative and use design to bring about positive change to those that need help. There are other similar opportunities to take the learning from the classroom and produce work that will improve York, the community, and even the world as a whole. Personally, it allowed me to work in an area of design that is of interest to me and that can be added to my portfolio.

It is important to remember that being in YSDN does not just mean we are students. Yes, our program is extremely demanding of our time, and often we find ourselves working frantically to finish assignments. But we are also members of York University and the wider community. We get to know of the opportunities open to us as design students, get involved outside the classroom, and, most importantly, enjoy the short four years we will spend here together.

Find out more about AMPD for Syria here.