TIFF Bell Lightbox: A Hope For Cinema, and Why You Should Go!

Written By: Peter Widdrington

The Lightbox aglow at night

You’re walking down King on a beautiful August day. The rush hour traffic reflects the afternoon sun directly into your sight, forcing you to look down at the Canadian walk of fame as you continue west.  Norman Jewison, Jim Carrey, James Cameron — names of people to look up to in life as sources of inspiration.  Ahead, a long line emerges from a tall glass building onto the sidewalk.  You get to the back of the line and slowly wait to get your tickets, at the time having no idea how important those tickets would be; having no idea how these tickets could change your life.  This was my experience the very first time that I participated in the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and my unforgettable introduction to the TIFF Bell Lightbox, one of the best independent theatres in the world.  Read More

Halloween Quiz: What Major are You?

Written By: Lucia

Halloween is upon us, and with it, our magic abilities to guess your major!  Tell us what you think about Halloween and we’ll (very accurately) guess which AMPD major you are (or should belong to!)

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Let’s Talk! “Ear to Ear”

Written By: James Tulloch

Being a musician is always such a huge struggle because of how much of your life it takes up.  Between, practice, performing, theory training, composing, producing, and just jamming with great friends, we may tend to forget to learn with our most important instruments: our very own ears!  But how does one train their ears for music?  Let me give you some tips for training the ears on the go that can keep up with the hectic music lifestyle.Related image Read More

The Ashley Plays: Who is Ashley?

Written by: Maddy

The Ashley Plays: Join us on October 22nd at 12:45 in the CFT Lobby.

Who is Ashley?

Ashley is coming.

Where did Ashley come from?

Ashley is coming.

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First Year Growing Pains as Told Through Disney Channel Gifs

Written by: Laura Clark

The person you are now is very different from the person you were at the start of the summer – or even from the person you were at the start of the school year. You’ve changed in so many ways that you may not even recognize yourself. Family members probably brought some of these recent changes to your attention at family dinners over Thanksgiving weekend. Perhaps you noticed some things about yourself while you were passing the gravy to your grandma. Change is a good thing! At AMPD we encourage reflection, so let’s take a look at some of the changes you may be experiencing in this second-wave psychological puberty that no one told you was coming.
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Interview With First-Year Theatre Student Yu Liang – Part 2

Fourth-year Theatre student Alex Colle sat down with Yu Liang, a first-year International student from China currently studying Theatre at York. This interview is the second in a two-part series.

ALEX: When you came to York, what did you apply for?
YU: Theatre, Dance, and Visual Arts.

ALEX: What was that process like?
YU: I still feel it’s amazing. When I applied, I just wanted to apply to a school that could teach me performance theatre. Then I saw York had theatre, had dance, had art, and had film! When I came to Canada, nobody told me about the arts school at York. Read More

The Breathing Gym with Sam Pilafian

Written by Emilio Bernardo-Ciddio

From February 16th to 19th, the Hannaford Street Silver Band (HSSB) hosted their annual Festival of Brass, a Toronto-wide event that includes a plethora of masterclasses, performances, and workshops. Each year, guest performers or conductors are featured. In the 2017 edition of the event, the HSSB invited the renowned Boston Brass Quintet to participate in the events. On February 18th, the tuba player for the group, Sam Pilafian, gave a workshop on his famous Breathing Gym method. Read More

Top 4 Free App Recommendations For Dancers

Written by Jessica Ortaleza

Need to get organized? Want to loop or replay a specific part of a song? Looking to create dynamic formations, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that. Read More