Finding Inspiration

Written by Chevon Gilzene

Ironically, one of the biggest problems I face as a musician is staying inspired to create. I sometimes find myself taking the easy way out of creativity by imitating when I should be emoting. How do I overcome this? I look inside for inspiration. I have been told many times that inspiration can be found all around me. I don’t deny the power of nature in providing inspiration, but I also insist on discovering the power of finding inspiration within yourself.

What does that even mean, really? When I feel happy, excited, in love, overjoyed, or at peace, I put it in my music. When I get frustrated, stressed out, overwhelmed, or angry, I put it in my music. This has not only allowed me to reconnect with the music I play or sing, but it allows practicing to be therapeutic for me. It’s hard to not be creative when I’m constantly inspired.

Now, of course I am not my only source of inspiration (that would be narcissistic). As a matter of fact, I usually turn inward only after failing to find inspiration elsewhere. I began turning inwards as a way to channel my emotions during private lessons that weren’t going well (we all have those days), but it turned into an almost daily exercise.

Many of us decided that music is what we want to do with our lives because of how it made us feel. Why not use your passion for music to make your music sound more passionate!

Learning from Jim Carrey

Written by Ehin Gukhool

Advice that will change your life.
We experience fear and anxiety in our day-to-day life.
It may be in class, home, or even a girl you may like. 
But this advice has changed my mindset and the choices I make.
I would like to share this short speech, and I hope that you are inspired by it today. 

As a theatre major, I find that I am sometimes put on the spot. It may be in my acting class and the TA asks me to do something a bit bizarre. I always think back to this speech and ask myself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” I am here to learn and this is how my TA is helping me.
Jim Carrey has been an inspiration to me since I was a child. The energy that he brings in his films and in real life is something that I admire about him.
He says “In life we really only have two choices, which are fear and love. Please always choose love.”

The Awesome Part About Being A Small Fish In A Big Pond

Written by Laura Clark

If you ask anyone over the age of 25, most people say that university was a life-changing experience for them. Good or for the not-so-good, it’s a big step in the grand scheme of life. Depending on your experience growing up and your previous school experiences, the transition to the diverse (and exclusive) York Fine Art program can be very different.  Read More

Streaming in Dance – Choosing the Right One for You

Written by Jessica Ortaleza

It’s that time of the year where first-year students start thinking about the next steps of their Dance degrees, as streaming applications draw near. Though how do you know which stream is the right one for you and your dreams? After a first year experience of dabbling into the specialized streams, it’s time to settle into one that fuels your passion and creativity. May this guide help you decide which stream suits your interests and desires, and lessen any overwhelming feelings you may have going into the streaming process!

The Dance BFA Honours Degree offers two streams of study: Choreography/Performance and Dance Education. Read More

My Experience Using ASL in “Three Sisters”

Written by Sophie Mercer
L-R: Hannah Wayne (Masha), Alex Montagnese (Irina), Sophie Mercer (Olga). Set Design by Rebecca Klein and Shawn Kerwin, Lighting Design by James McQuay, Costume Design by Robyn Barnes.

L-R: Hannah Wayne (Masha), Alex Montagnese (Irina), Sophie Mercer (Olga). Set Design by Rebecca Klein and Shawn Kerwin, Lighting Design by James McQuay, Costume Design by Robyn Barnes.

Are you looking for an engaging piece of theatre that will challenge the way you perceive performance and the world around you? As an actor in the show, may I suggest Theatre@York’s production of Three Sisters, running January 26th to 28th. Written by Anton Chekhov, presented in a translation by Canadian actor and writer Susan Coyne, and directed by Tanja Jacobs, the play will be performed bilingually in American Sign Language (ASL) and English. Read More

What in the WORLD is Devised Theatre?

Written by Alex Colle

The second semester of your first year in York’s Theatre program is a decision-making nightmare.
Do I enrol in Acting II? How about Stagecraft II? Do I want to stream into Acting? Or maybe Production? Should I apply to Playwriting and New Play Dramaturgy? Should I stay in Theatre Studies? What in the WORLD is Devised Theatre? Wait, that last question isn’t really a decision. But it’s a question I receive almost weekly from first years.

What IS Devised Theatre?!

Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Every Artist

Written by Chevon Gilzene

So it’s a new year, and it’s time for those all-too-familiar New Year’s resolutions… or not! Here are 5 New Year’s resolutions that every Arts student should make and actually follow. Read More

Stuff To Do This Winter In Toronto: A SAM Guide

Written by Alex Colle

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, friends. You know, that time of year when you’re knee deep in assignments. Or when you’re struggling to study for your exams. Or when you’re much too lazy to go outside because it’s so darn cold. Yes, it can get pretty miserable. But there’s a light at the end of this long and grueling tunnel. That light, of course, is winter break.

The beauty of the winter break, you see, comes with the fact that you can do whatever you want with it.
Go back home for the holidays.
Hang out and charge your brain for a while.
It’s entirely up to you.

BUT! If you are staying in Toronto for the break, why not check out some fun activities the city has to offer? From skating rinks to Christmas Markets to food festivals, there is truly something to do for everybody. Here’s a list of some winter activities the city has to offer… Read More