My Experience Using ASL in “Three Sisters”

Written by Sophie Mercer
L-R: Hannah Wayne (Masha), Alex Montagnese (Irina), Sophie Mercer (Olga). Set Design by Rebecca Klein and Shawn Kerwin, Lighting Design by James McQuay, Costume Design by Robyn Barnes.

L-R: Hannah Wayne (Masha), Alex Montagnese (Irina), Sophie Mercer (Olga). Set Design by Rebecca Klein and Shawn Kerwin, Lighting Design by James McQuay, Costume Design by Robyn Barnes.

Are you looking for an engaging piece of theatre that will challenge the way you perceive performance and the world around you? As an actor in the show, may I suggest Theatre@York’s production of Three Sisters, running January 26th to 28th. Written by Anton Chekhov, presented in a translation by Canadian actor and writer Susan Coyne, and directed by Tanja Jacobs, the play will be performed bilingually in American Sign Language (ASL) and English. Read More

What in the WORLD is Devised Theatre?

Written by Alex Colle

The second semester of your first year in York’s Theatre program is a decision-making nightmare.
Do I enrol in Acting II? How about Stagecraft II? Do I want to stream into Acting? Or maybe Production? Should I apply to Playwriting and New Play Dramaturgy? Should I stay in Theatre Studies? What in the WORLD is Devised Theatre? Wait, that last question isn’t really a decision. But it’s a question I receive almost weekly from first years.

What IS Devised Theatre?!

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New Year’s Resolutions for Every Artist

Written by Chevon Gilzene

So it’s a new year, and it’s time for those all-too-familiar New Year’s resolutions… or not! Here are 5 New Year’s resolutions that every Arts student should make and actually follow. Read More

Stuff To Do This Winter In Toronto: A SAM Guide

Written by Alex Colle

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, friends. You know, that time of year when you’re knee deep in assignments. Or when you’re struggling to study for your exams. Or when you’re much too lazy to go outside because it’s so darn cold. Yes, it can get pretty miserable. But there’s a light at the end of this long and grueling tunnel. That light, of course, is winter break.

The beauty of the winter break, you see, comes with the fact that you can do whatever you want with it.
Go back home for the holidays.
Hang out and charge your brain for a while.
It’s entirely up to you.

BUT! If you are staying in Toronto for the break, why not check out some fun activities the city has to offer? From skating rinks to Christmas Markets to food festivals, there is truly something to do for everybody. Here’s a list of some winter activities the city has to offer… Read More

York Jazz Festival – Vocal Workshop Performances

Written by Chevon Gilzene


I feel privileged to be at a post-secondary institution where I can experiment with my talents and receive constructive criticism from experts and peers. In private lessons and large ensembles, the focus is often on our sound or performing collectively, but I have come to realize the significance of courses like Jazz Workshop because of the focus on performing. In a music program that doesn’t stream, it is sometimes easy to forget that if you plan on performing in some capacity as part of your career, you need experience performing in an environment that facilitates improvement.  Read More


Written by Zachery Eng
 (All photos taken by yours truly)

Photography: a mystical and wonderful ability to capture and save any moment forever! It is one of the things in life I love most. It captures moments, has the ability to create varied emotions, and ultimately allows me to escape the limitations of reality through its ability to convey surreal imagery. Many people believe in order to take an amazing photograph you need an expensive DSLR camera, but that is not the case. All you need a bit of creativity, a dash of inspiration, and a lot of passion! As long as you have a camera in hand, anyone has the ability to create a superb photo. Here are a few tips and tricks that I use to improve my shots! Read More

Ask an Intern: Francesca’s Internship with Pigeon Brands

Interview conducted by Simone Robert

YSDN students: welcome to the first post in our new “Ask an Intern” series! Today we’ve got a short conversation with Francesca Morreale, a fourth year YSDN-er/great human being. She spent the summer interning at Pigeon Brands, a branding agency specializing in packaging design for an impressive list of clients. Without getting too ahead of ourselves, we’ll let Fran speak for herself. Read on to hear all about her experience at Pigeon! Read More

The Berlin Philharmonic Returns to Toronto

Written by Emilio Bernardo-Ciddio


The world-renowned Berlin Philharmonic made its fifth appearance in Toronto two weeks ago, ending their 23 years of absence and filling our Roy Thomson Hall, the home of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. On Tuesday night, the Berlin performed Eclat by Boulez and Mahler’s Symphony No. 7. On Wednesday night, they performed a suite of small pieces written by Schoenberg, Webern, and Berg, and closed with the legendary Symphony No. 2 by Brahms. The orchestra was led by their current head conductor, Sir Simon Rattle. Read More