Artist Spotlight: Dan Flavin

Written by: Nima A.K.

Flavin, Dan. untitled (to Barry, Mike, Chuck and Leonard), 1972-75. Paula Cooper Gallery, New York.

Daniel Flavin was born in New York in 1933. After studying for priesthood, he enlisted in the United States Air Forces, where, oddly enough, he began his art career.  During his military services, he studied art at the University of Maryland Extension Program in Korea, and afterwards at the Hans Hofmann School of Fine Arts in New York. His early works and first solo show are based on collages and watercolour paintings in abstract expressionism.

In 1961, Dan Flavin began working on what were labeled as Icons: sculptures which incorporate electric lights. Later, in 1963, he began working with fluorescent tubes, which would become his signature. In the 1980s, Flavin expanded this idea even further and concentrated his work on fluorescent installation.

Flavin’s art has been exhibited by many galleries and museums, such as the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa, the St. Louis Art Museum, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.  His work was exhibited countless times before he died in New York in 1996, and continues to be appreciated to this day.

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playGround 2018

Written by: Madeleine

Have you heard of playGround? I mean, obviously you’ve heard of playgrounds before; after all, we were all 5-years-old once. But I’m not talking about those kinds of playgrounds; I’m talking about playGround Festival (the capitalization here is VERY important)! playGround is like York’s very own Fringe festival. Students can submit a concept and a script of a monodrama, and from that, a panel of students collectively picks the final line up.

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We Got “Gamified” With The Digital Media Students Association

Written By: Divya Mehta

This November, Kimberly, James and I got “Gamified #2” with the Digital Media Students Association (DMSA)! Gamified” is a monthly themed game night that, this month, was held in the evening in Accolade West, room 103. This event is specifically designed for those of us who are video game and/or board game lovers, or just for anyone who is looking for a fun and casual environment where you can unwind and de-stress with some of your fellow students. The classic, 2D-styled video game that was featured was “Death Road To Canada,” which is an online Role-Playing Game (RPG) that allows users to customize their own characters and (attempt to) survive a zombie apocalypse. The theme of Gamified was, appropriately, “Movember”, which required attendees to personalize their characters with beards and moustaches, then get ready for battle! It was both quite interesting and entertaining to see the creativity demonstrated by the attendees using those two main requirements for the character developments. Read More

The 3 Most Important Lessons I’ve Learned at University

Written by: Peter Widdrington

I’ve been around the block when it comes to universities, so I have a little more experience than the average student when it comes to different undergrads.  Thanks to this, I think I’ve learned a thing or two about the university experience and how to tailor it to my needs, plus figure out the way to get the most out of it.  Read More

Theatre Roundtable: A Conversation between Streams

Compiled by: Amy Kingston

with special guests:

Alex Colle – 5th year Devised Theatre
Maggie Cook – 4th year Conservatory
Amy Kingston – 2nd year Performance Creation & Research (formally known as theatre studies)
Ella Wiecksowski  4th year Production and Design

Looking back on my first year as a York University theatre student, I remember streaming being the biggest deal. It practically ran every conversation in the halls, classrooms and residences. I also remember the confusion and vague answers that always seemed to follow every question asked by any of my fellow peers. My goal with this blog post is to give a more personal insight to what it is like to be in each stream from the students who have experienced it first hand.

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Art Stuff for Dummies: BLOCK PRINTING

Written By: Liana

Have you ever been curious about trying a new art form, but don’t have much idea of where to start?  Look no further, because I’m here to teach you some “Art Stuff for Dummies”!  Every month I’ll be taking on a new art form that I’m interested in, and I’ll be working though the process of teaching myself how to do it, so that you can try it, too. This month I’m going to try block printing!

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10 Hang Out Spots On Campus

Written By: Tiana

School can be tough, and classes can be long. But what sometimes feels longer is the break in between classes! However, with the perfect hang out spot on campus, these breaks before, after, and between classes will pass by in a breeze, and might even become fun.

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What do I Do With my Dance Degree?!

Written By: Lucia Llano

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and insecure when people ask you about your professional goals and your performance career? Soothe your worries by reading the following insight on what York Dance graduate Victoria Gubiani is doing now and the possibilities that you have after graduating! Read More