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Art Stuff for Dummies: BLOCK PRINTING

Written By: Liana

Have you ever been curious about trying a new art form, but don’t have much idea of where to start?  Look no further, because I’m here to teach you some “Art Stuff for Dummies”!  Every month I’ll be taking on a new art form that I’m interested in, and I’ll be working though the process of teaching myself how to do it, so that you can try it, too. This month I’m going to try block printing!

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10 Hang Out Spots On Campus

Written By: Tiana

School can be tough, and classes can be long. But what sometimes feels longer is the break in between classes! However, with the perfect hang out spot on campus, these breaks before, after, and between classes will pass by in a breeze, and might even become fun.

Haven’t found the perfect space to relax during your down time? Here are 10 of my favourite places for AMPD students to chill. Read More

What do I Do With my Dance Degree?!

Written By: Lucia Llano

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and insecure when people ask you about your professional goals and your performance career? Soothe your worries by reading the following insight on what York Dance graduate Victoria Gubiani is doing now and the possibilities that you have after graduating! Read More

Opera: Deconstructing Myths

Written By: Val Kostyuk

When you think of the Opera, your first thought may be an unpleasant one.  Opera tends to get a bad rap because of myths circling around it, scaring away potential audiences. Unlike the implications of these myths, it is truly a fascinating spectacle that is so worthwhile checking out. One might even say that Opera is the grandmother of the modern musical.  Let’s deconstruct a few of these myths, and hopefully convince you to see an Opera sooner rather than later! Read More

Art Stuff for Dummies: Inktober

Written By: Liana Shaw

Hi, I’m Liana! Every month I’ll be taking on a new art form that I’m interested in, and I’ll be working though the process of teaching myself how to do it. This month I’m participating in Inktober!

Inktober is something that artists participate in worldwide during the month of October. Creatives challenge themselves to make art everyday. People use different mediums, but the most popular form that I’ve seen on social media, and the one I will be doing this month, is drawing. I’m hoping to introduce a creative habit into my daily routine, and I’ve also always been impressed by people who can find time to write (and not just type) every day, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to explore! Read More

Nurturing Your Art by Supporting Others

Written by: Lucia Llano

As emerging artists, it is often that we find ourselves promoting our work and constantly seeking support for our art. However, how often do we see a theatre show, a dance performance or visit an art gallery? How often do we actually support our fellow art students?

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What Pantone Colour Are You?

Written by: Paojia Tang

Every colour says something, makes you feel something. Each colour has a personality, just like we do.  So what if you were a colour? Have you ever wondered what colour you would be? Wonder no longer, because you can find out right now!

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The Gospel InterVarsity Explosion

Written By: Emilio Bernardo-Ciddio

On Saturday, October 21st at 7pm, a collective of university gospel choirs came together to spread love and happiness to their audience in YorkU’s own Tribute Communities Recital Hall.

The performance is an annual event that brings together Toronto student gospel choirs to share their music with each other and with their audiences. This year, the performance brought together the YorkU Gospel Choir (YUGC), the University of Toronto (UofT) Gospel Choir, and the McMaster Gospel Choir.  Unfortunately, Humber was not able to make it due to the labour disruption.

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