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Nurturing Your Art by Supporting Others

Written by: Lucia Llano

As emerging artists, it is often that we find ourselves promoting our work and constantly seeking support for our art. However, how often do we see a theatre show, a dance performance or visit an art gallery? How often do we actually support our fellow art students?

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What Pantone Colour Are You?

Written by: Paojia Tang

Every colour says something, makes you feel something. Each colour has a personality, just like we do.  So what if you were a colour? Have you ever wondered what colour you would be? Wonder no longer, because you can find out right now!

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The Gospel InterVarsity Explosion

Written By: Emilio Bernardo-Ciddio

On Saturday, October 21st at 7pm, a collective of university gospel choirs came together to spread love and happiness to their audience in YorkU’s own Tribute Communities Recital Hall.

The performance is an annual event that brings together Toronto student gospel choirs to share their music with each other and with their audiences. This year, the performance brought together the YorkU Gospel Choir (YUGC), the University of Toronto (UofT) Gospel Choir, and the McMaster Gospel Choir.  Unfortunately, Humber was not able to make it due to the labour disruption.

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What’s in My Dance Bag?

Written By: Lindsey Thompson

From the studio, to lectures, to council meetings, to rehearsals, to work… us dancers carry A LOT of things with us in a day!  How do we possibly do it? Different dancers have different methods, but I’m going to uncover what I keep in my dance bag on a daily basis, and how I manage to bring it all with me.  Hopefully it’ll give you some ideas and help you with your own bags!

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Artist Spotlight: Parviz Tanavoli

Written By: Nima A.K.

Tanavoli, Parviz. Poet and Nightingale. Design for Rug, 1974.

Parviz Tanavoli was born in 1937 in Tehran, Iran, and currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. He studied sculpture in Milan at the end of 1950s and continued his studies in Minneapolis in the early 1960s. He soon became an important figure in contemporary sculpture; however, his work also includes painting, drawing, weaving, and prints. His art revisits Persian traditions and combines them with modern art. Tanavoli’s main motive is Heecha word meaning “nothing”.

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TIFF Bell Lightbox: A Hope For Cinema, and Why You Should Go!

Written By: Peter Widdrington

The Lightbox aglow at night

You’re walking down King on a beautiful August day. The rush hour traffic reflects the afternoon sun directly into your sight, forcing you to look down at the Canadian walk of fame as you continue west.  Norman Jewison, Jim Carrey, James Cameron — names of people to look up to in life as sources of inspiration.  Ahead, a long line emerges from a tall glass building onto the sidewalk.  You get to the back of the line and slowly wait to get your tickets, at the time having no idea how important those tickets would be; having no idea how these tickets could change your life.  This was my experience the very first time that I participated in the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and my unforgettable introduction to the TIFF Bell Lightbox, one of the best independent theatres in the world.  Read More

Halloween Quiz: What Major are You?

Written By: Lucia

Halloween is upon us, and with it, our magic abilities to guess your major!  Tell us what you think about Halloween and we’ll (very accurately) guess which AMPD major you are (or should belong to!)

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The Ashley Plays: Who is Ashley?

Written by: Maddy

The Ashley Plays: Join us on October 22nd at 12:45 in the CFT Lobby.

Who is Ashley?

Ashley is coming.

Where did Ashley come from?

Ashley is coming.

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